Reduce Transport Costs….Increase Profit!

EZI Tarp, invented and manufactured in NZ by Johnson & Couzins are the superior, must have cover system for commercial truck and trailer units.

Made in New Zealand using the highest quality materials, they save up to 4 hours per day, per truck and trailer which means greater time on the road and increased income and profit.

EZI Tarp are custom made for each truck and trailer units, meaning the seal and fit is always 100% efficient, with a professional finish that is unlike any other.

Easy to wind and operate

Great quality workmanship means reduced friction and ensures Longevity.

Open or close in less than a minute

Well planned design means speedy turnaround times.

Zinc coated steel components

Long lasting; durable; corrosion-free hardware.

Powder Coated

Protection safety covers are powder coated over moving parts. Any colour can be applied.

Customised sizes and specification

You name the size, colour and quantity, we do the rest.

New Zealand made

Designed and constructed to be durable in NZ's unique climate.

Client Testimonial

Barry Taylor

Transport Operations Manager, Frews Contracting

Installing the EZI Tarp system by Johnson and Couzins on our fleet has proved invaluable. What used to take up to 30 minutes per truck and trailer, now takes less than a minute, meaning we get an extra 4 hours per day on the road, which equates to over $130,000 per annum per truck and trailer in income. Plus, our drivers no longer need to climb onto the truck or trailer, they now have both feet on the ground which provides increased safety and less physical demands on their bodies and increased job satisfaction. Also, our trucks are more environmentally friendly as EZI Tarp seals in all loose dust and other material. Thanks J&C.

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